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Technology Trends – What’s on the rise? Who maintains market dominance? And what technologies show “mindshare velocity?

Periodically, we conduct surveys of our site visitors to understand what technologies they are both using and planning to adopt. Who are our site visitors? Developer Media focuses entirely on content for developers – attracting only those interested in that content. 97% of visitors to our quality sites, communities and projects are developers: over 23 million unique visitors every month.

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Mobile Developer Market Analysis & Mobile Developer Survey Results Brief

While most developers are involved in mobile development, more developers work on mobile projects on their own time than do so as part of their day-to-day work. Developer Media’s latest research highlights this as well as technology and platform trends. Jeff Hadfield, CXO of Developer Media, provides insight and recommendations for marketers targeting the mobile development market — and points out emerging market opportunities as well.

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Big Data: What You Need To Know

Sometimes also known by the simpler “Analytics” moniker, Big Data is the discipline of storing, querying and analyzing the huge volumes of data that are generated in contemporary digital and offline environments. These large data sets are made possible by cheap storage and the corresponding retention of data generated every day from online transactions, sensor readings, social media interactions, and all types of business activity. This report will introduce you to the technologies

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Developer Personalities: Audience Brief

Software developers are a unique, demanding demographic. Developer Media’s latest research analysis helps marketers better understand them in order to better market to and communicate with them. Developers don’t think like the average person. In fact, developers are somewhat of a breed apart. They’re likely to identify themselves as craftsmen and artisans, in an engineering, technical-problem-solving sense. While there are many ways to assess personality types, one of the most widely accepted

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Mobile Developer Market Brief

Nearly every developer is a mobile developer, even if they don’t call themselves one. Over 75% of today’s professional developers belong to the mobile developer market. The latest Developer Media survey, based on a sample of over 20 million unique monthly developers who visit our sites, suggests developers are most likely to be “mobile developers” in their spare time (43%). They’re nearly as likely to be producing mobile apps and sites as part of their full-time job along with other development

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