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Red Gate

“We have been working with Developer Media for several years and we are always impressed with the effort and continuity they put into maintaining a great service for the Developer Community. Developer Media newsletters are read by many loyal developers and the great content means users keep coming back – and so we, as advertisers, also keep coming back. We’ve built a great partnership with the Team at Developer Media and they’re always happy to help in any way they can. Multiple advertising vehicles have been great in generating awareness of our eBooks, whitepapers and articles – as well as promoting our tools. Developer Media is unique in the sense that they understand the Developer Community better than most Media organizations. We’ll continue to do business with Developer Media because we value their contribution to the community and it is one of the most successful channels for us to reach the developer community.”

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about Red Gate

Red Gate develops tools for database developers and administrators


“The Developer Media marketing team is knowledgeable, creative, proactive, honest and always up for the challenge to optimize placement and ROI”

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about Racksapce

Rackspace is an IT hosting company.

ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity

“DM’s most impressive strength and why we continue to partner with them is the NL database of subscribers and the number of effective clickthroughs and conversions we regularly receive. Also, there is simply no way to leave out the great experienced team assembled that has been in the Dev industry for a number of years that are savvy and professional. Truly a pleasure to work with and nice to see there hasn’t been any drastic personnel changes like some other revolving doors of employees in other media companies. This creates a true foundation of trust, which I don’t like to take for granted.”

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about ComponentOne

ComponentOne provides Microsoft Dev Tools

Clickatell Inc.

“Developer media helped us present our offerings, voice and brand to the right audience and we especially like the diveresity of compaigns/placements we were able to reach with this.”

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about Clickatell

Clickatell is a mobile communications company.


“Developer Media is our “go to” company when we need to reach developers on behalf of our clients. They have helped us implement, track and optimize dozens of campaigns and they are always a pleasure to work with. Our campaigns perform very well, the staff is very attentive, fun and extremely helpful. We love working with DM as we can run ads through hundreds of sites while working with only one company. It makes our jobs a lot easier.”

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about Resultrix

Resultrix is an end-to-end digital agency

Aurigma Inc.

“Developer Media is an involved, committed partner that gives us the highest quality leads and the biggest bang for our publicity buck.”

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about Aurigma

Aurigma is an image processing solutions vendor.